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Gordon Storey, the Chairman of Twyford Together, gave the award to the current Lady Captain Nuala Priest and last year's captains Ruth and Lars, all three kindly representing the membership of Hennerton who have so generously contributed in the region of £20,000 to Twyford Charities Together. Funds had been raised to help the  charities of Camp Mohawk, the Piggott School, Daisy's Dream, Building for the Future and Age Concern.

Previous Captain Gordon Holmes was the first to bring this charity to the minds of Hennerton, and Penny Holmes also took on the charity during her Captaincy. This is a worthwhile charity bundle as it literally helps those on our doorstep - Camp Mohawk is our neighbour in Crazies Hill, the Piggott School is an excellent academy just outside Wargrave village, with all three other charities being based in Twyford.

We are very proud to have received this award - and you can spy it proudly standing behind the bar for all to see!

Below, from left, Nuala Priest, Ruth Cassidy & Lars Swann proudly accepting the award from Twyford Together