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Extend your play beyond the course.

Hennerton is proud to be one of the only clubs in the South to boast the GC2 Launch Monitor, housed in our purpose-built golf studio.

Tee-off on the world’s best courses and receive instruction from our PGA professionals – all from the comfort of our Golf Studio.

Amazing 4K graphics and realism creates a near real experience – so you can try and replicate those shots played by the greats!

How it can benefit you:

Measure and analyse every aspect of your swing with the GC2 launch monitor from ForesightSports.

Hire the room for lessons with the Professionals, for club fitting, gap testing, ball fitting — or simply to spend time with your friends after work with a few drinks!


When it comes to golf simulators, the GC2 simulator gives unparalleled technology with unmatched accuracy and true-to-life performance. It is the only launch monitor that truly measures player performance. Here’s how:

  • High-resolution cameras capture up to 10,000 frames per second
  • Stereoscopic lens arrangement that emulates “human eye” spatial recognition
  • State-of-the-art image processing assures reliable ball find and lock

Our Performance Simulation™ solution delivers a unique experience come rain, shine, or snow, and best of all, after dark!

See a demonstration by Butch Harmon, considered by some as one of the greatest golf coaches: click here for his video and to link to the ForesightSport website.

Book from £10 for a 15 minute session to £25 per hour for members, £30/hr for non-members - for up to 8 players per session. 

Call the Pro-shop to book on 0118 9401000




Indoor Golf Studio
Tee off on the world's best courses and receive instruction from our PGA professionals, all from the comfort of our Golf Studio.