Golf Course Open - No Buggies - Please Carry Your bag If You Can
Course Etiquette

1. Care of the Course:

 Holes in Bunkers

 Before leaving a bunker, fill in and smooth over any holes and footprints made.Restore Divots and Pitch Marks

 Replace displaced turf promptly and press it down.  Repair any damage to the putting green caused by the pitch mark of the ball.

 Damage to Green

 When putting down bags or the flagstick avoid damaging the putting green or green surrounds.  Properly replace the flagstick in the hole before leaving the green

Damage through practice swings

Be mindful not to cause damage during practice swings, especially on tees.

2. Consideration for Other Players:

Players in range

Wait until players in front are out of range before playing your shot

Undue delay

Play without unnecessary delays.  If your group falls behind by more than one clear hole invite players behind you to play through

Searching for a ball

Players should signal the group behind to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not be easily found.

Golf is a game of courtesy and respect.  By adhering to these guidelines you contribute to a positive experience for everyone on the course. Enjoy your game!

Pitch Marks
The greens at Hennerton are regarded as some of the finest in the area and to keep them in top condition it is essential that any pitchmarks are repaired as soon as possible. You may repair any pitchmarks on the green before putting. Find out more